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About Our Clinic

All you need at a veterinary clinic close to you

Are you looking for a vet in Tel Aviv? At our clinic, you can get all the usual services as well as more complex treatments, surgeries, the most advanced lab tests, inoculations, dental treatment, sterilization, castration, and even treatment of exotic animals. Our team consists of experienced employees who see their work as a calling.


At the clinic, you’ll find a pet grooming salon that has earned an excellent reputation in Ramat Aviv.

The Ramat Aviv Veterinary Clinic was established by Dr. Tali Aloni, a vet with more than 22 years of experience treating pets, consulting and managing petting zoos, and specializing in alternative treatment of animals as well as in veterinary public health for the Veterinary Faculty in Rehovot.

The clinic is located at 6 Bergson Street, Ramat Aviv, close to the Ramat Aviv Mall – near Tagore St. and Anderson St. There’s plenty of parking in the area.  

Our clinic is perfectly located and together with its warm, professional staff, is a perfect solution for anyone needing a vet in Tel Aviv.


Come and join our family at the clinic!

About Our Clinic

Our Services

Our clinic offers a wide range of services

A comprehensive set of tests using state-of-the-art equipment |

surgical and internal medical treatments |

puppy counselling | nutrition counselling | advanced dental care | digital x-rays |

counselling services by specialized vets at the clinic | comprehensive, advanced lab services

home visits & emergency treatments | collaboration with hospitals and referment when necessary

collaboration with animal organizations | support and follow-up at petting zoos throughout the country

The veterinary clinic has a great team of doctors with specialties in different areas:

Surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, and more…

We invite you to get to enjoy our services

Our Services

 Transporting Your Pet Abroad

Home Vet Visits

Vaccinations & Treatments

Pet Grooming

Alternative Medicine

Petting Zoos


More than

‘smiling’ animals

treated at the clinic



warm-hearted staff members

Treatment of more than


types of animals

with a smile


years of experience

Our Clinic Team

Our Clinic Team

Our clinic team comprises four certified veterinarians.
Our love for animals and approach is evident in our treatment of the animals.


Director of the clinic
Dr. Tali Aloni Rozen


Dr. Tal Shahar


Dr. Carol Ben-Oliel Lasri


Dr. Vered Harel


Marti Fordes
Pet Groomer


Miri Minch

Pet Groomer


Neta Ulman

Medical Assistant

Home Vet Visit &
Emergency Veterinarian Services

There’s no need to leave your house to see a vet.

One of our vets will come to your home when convenient for you and do the treatment at your home, saving you a lot of hassle.

Our veterinary home care provides quality, professional treatment in the animal’s natural surroundings, preventing your pet from coming in contact with other sick animals in the waiting room.

Our veterinary home care services include:

24-hour emergency care |

immediate treatment of the animal

and, if necessary, transport to the clinic |

an annual health plan |

inoculations and preventative treatments |

treatment of wounds, bites, accidents, and so on..

The prices for home visits are not higher than the regular prices at the clinic!

We provide 24/7 veterinary services at your home

To coordinate a veterinary home care visit

Home Vet Visits

Transporting Your Pet Abroad

The Ramat Aviv Veterinary Clinic helps you to take your pet with you

to other places in the world.

Decided to go on a long holiday away from home or to relocate for work for a few years and you’re not willing to leave your pet behind for a long time, even not in a kennel? 

It’s possible, but it takes preparation.

In order to be able to take your pet with you,

you need to follow the guidelines and stipulations of the destination country

and of the State of Israel and the Agricultural Ministry.

Transporting Your Pet Abroad


In different countries, amongst them Israel, there are laws and checks for bringing animals into the country to prevent spreading infectious diseases in the world (chicken flu, rabies, and others). For example, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is necessary to get veterinary approval to import an animal. This approval is issued by the veterinary services for a fee.

If dogs, cats, and birds accompany their owners out of the country for more than 90 days, they are exempt from the need to get Israeli veterinary import approval, but they are required to have a passport and inoculation documents, which are issued by a state veterinary official at the country of origin. In addition, it is necessary to declare that the animal is healthy and free of infections or infectious diseases.

Certificates of Approval

Pets leaving the State of Israel must have an international health certificate, which is issued by the certified authority – Veterinary and Livestock Health Services, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Export of animals without the required documentation could cause issues on a number of levels:

The animals |  sent back, isolation, and occasionally, putting the animal down

The owners |  distress, costs, and waste of time

The countries | an appeal of the credibility of the Israeli export documentation


Since every country has its own regulations regarding import of animals, this process could be lengthy and complex, and time is needed to get all the required approvals. In addition, in some countries, a period of quarantine is required after the rabies inoculation as well as check-ups afterwards; therefore, according to Dr. Tali Aloni, it’s essential to start preparing for such a trip a few months ahead of time.

Click to learn more about the procedures for international animal transportation

in the European Common Market


For coordination of

air transportation service

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Opening hours

13:00 - 10:00    | Sunday – Thursday

16:00 - 19:30                                   

Friday & Holiday Eves | 10:00 – 14:00


6 Bergson Street, Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv

Telephone | 077-4177470

Emergency Number | 052-3910673

Contact Us

Contact us here for your first appointment

and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours

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